The Social Media Archiving and Compliance Solution That’s Built for Your Business.

The Social Media Archiving and Compliance Solution That’s Built for Your Business.

Incorporate Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook into your communications strategies with confidence.

The business power and potential of social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is undeniable. Unfortunately, so are the compliance risks.

Social media archiving solutions from Smarsh give your firm the preservation, supervision and policy controls to embrace social networking with peace of mind in your compliance and e-discovery initiatives.

All messages are captured, preserved and indexed in the secure Smarsh archive. Posts can be searched and produced on-demand. All administrator activity is logged and quantifiable, providing evidence of enforcement and means to evaluate policy. Firms can automate policy company-wide, define which social networking features employees can access, and review, approve or reject messages before they are posted.

Archive Everything
Full header data, message date and time, IP addresses and more, are captured from each message, then indexed and preserved for review and end-user access.

Search Intelligently and Simplify Review
Index the entire electronic message and search by Boolean combinations of virtually every associated field, including: network, message body, sender, recipient, post type (ex, status update, tweet, comment) and message date and time.

Reporting Center
Produce customizable analytics reports on corporate social media use, system audit history and social media archive data. Demonstrate policy enforcement and ensure accountability among multiple manager responsible for message review.

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